My boo and I love our afternoons together. We play, I force tummy time on her, she cries and sleeps and laughs, she drools (oh. my. god. does she drool) and mostly we just hang together and I try my best to keep her occupied. I mean, how much more is there to do every day?

This morning we ventured to the outlets and I bought Scout her very first bathing suit (it’s adorable, by the way). Living in Texas means the pool is basically our savior during the week. Luckily, we have a neighborhood pool one house down from us in the community park (it’s kept very clean and has lifeguards all summer), and Scout’s grandparents here in Texas have a pool at their house. So I’m hoping to get her swimming as soon as we can!


So we started with window shopping. Walked around outdoors and enjoyed the beautiful weather bestowed upon us today. Then we came home, took photos, did tummy time, back time, read a few books, watched Dinosaur Train (I actually like this show for kids) and I watched an episode of Homeland in between diaper changes and playing. We ate a bunch of times, went grocery shopping and now….. I’m totally out of ideas

Any moms out there have suggestions for things we can do around the house with a 3-month old? Finding outings aren’t an issue. Finding things to do at home ARE!




Boo and I will crush the rest of the day with more playtime and reading and rocking. No one told me that the hardest part of being a mom was also being a continuous event planner for your baby!


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