I can’t be the only mom that adore nap time. Like, I totally love my daughter. She’s awesome. I love every stage of her development. I love talking to her. I love watching her figure things out. I love being around her. I love mommy/daughter lunches. I freaking love nap time. Because that’s the only time I can get anything of significance done.

Am I an awful mom?



She’s adorable. And when she naps there’s a part of me that just wants to curl up with her and sniff her baby head until she wakes up. But alas, laundry calls. And blogging calls (most of the time she’s on my lap while I’m writing or editing). And there’s hobbies. Wait. What are hobbies? Ohhhhhh riiiiiiiigt. Hobbies are the things I gave up the second she was born. Which isn’t her fault and I don’t blame her for it. But I bloody miss knitting and stuff!


Thank God this afghan’s almost done. Most of the time I could finish something this simple in a few days. But lately, a full afghan could take me WEEKS. And weeks. And weeks…. which become at least a month.


Mommying is exhausting.

This morning we’re heading to the German festival – gotta show baby girl her roots! It’s really too bad she’s too young to try pierogies!


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