Tummy Time

Er Mer Gerd. Tummy time is torture. For both of us. I hate seeing her struggle and get upset. I hate seeing her almost suffocate herself because she’s pissed off and refuses to lift her head (even though she CAN and does so regularly). She’s SO my daughter. That little rebel.

We sit on her play pad together, I lay her gently face down, and for a few minutes she lays there contentedly and sucks on her fist. And then she realizes I’m not picking her up, so she gets antsy. And then antsy turns into frustration (this is the point when she tries to guilt me into picking her up by almost suffocating herself in the mat), and then she gets REALLY pissed and she begins to lift herself up, scoot her booty into the air and pushes herself up on one side – never to actually roll over. But she’ll get there.





And I have a serious confession to make: I’ve barely made her do tummy time in the last three months. Like…. every few days I remember I need to do it, and it gets done. Then I heard from some grandma that her friend’s son is already rolling over at 3 months and I panicked. Now that girl is on her tummy every day whether she likes it or not.

The thing is… she CAN pick her head up – she’s already holding her own head up 90% of the time. And when she’s on her tummy laid against your chest, she easily and happily pushes herself up with her arms so she can look around. But on the ground, forget it. She protests and boycotts tummy time.

At this rate, she won’t roll over until she’s 8 months old. Stupid people making me panic about milestones. Is that how it goes?  You always worry your child is behind? I also heard she’s supposed to reach out for things. Well. She doesn’t, don’t you know. I mean, she can grasp things, and put things in her mouth. But she’s just not aggressive enough to reach out for things she wants. I’m not going to worry about it though. Maybe she’s just not a grabby girl.


At last there is peace. She’s worked out for the day. Had her tummy time and sat in her big girl chair. She’s played in her bouncy and laid on her back on her mat to kick around. She’s talked to Mommy and Daddy and gone for a car ride. Finally…. afternoon peace.


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