Miss St. Patty

Scout’s gone and done it again: she got all dressed up cute as a button! St. Patrick’s Day used to be a fun holiday for me – a few times I did the party/drink thing (mostly the times I was in a big city, like Boston). This year, Miss St. Patty and I went out to a daugher-Mommy lunch together. Instead of going to a traditional Irish Pub (I reallllllly wanted to but it felt so very wrong to bring a baby into a pub) I opted for the next door option (like, literally next door from Mo’s Irish Pub) and we ate Mexican. Well, I ate Mexican, and she ate it after through breast milk. Both of us got all dressed up in green to celebrate the day. I think the wee bit of Irish we have in our blood works out well for her – she looks fantastic in green!




And no… I didn’t enhance her eyes! Those dark baby blues are ALL HERS! Sometimes I wonder what color her eyes will eventually be, but I’m beginning to think those dark blue eyes are all hers for life. She has the shape of her daddy’s eyes, including her ridiculously long lashes that always get stuck in her eyeballs. But her color is more mine, although mine are significantly lighter.


The rest of day is all about tummy time, naps, feedings and playing. She talked soooo much during lunch, so she must have tired herself out a bit. Although, as we speak, she’s kicking away in her bouncy chair. Our server at the Mexican place gave us a great idea for baby shows she can watch on Netflix, so we’re testing Super Why. So far, she seems pretty interested.


Look at that mug. I can’t deny this peanut anything! That’s my 1% Irish girl!


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