Up North, an epic storm is wrapping up, leaving millions of people housebound for the next few days. I miss the days of being cooped up for a day or two because of a massive snow storm. I remember one winter, living in Connecticut, when we had back to back heavy Nor’easters for a few weeks. Schools were cancelled every Wednesday for almost a month because of these high snow-wielding storms. One week it was 33 inches of snow, the next week it was 36 inches of snow. It was almost unheard of to have that much snow hit in a month. But that meant most of us were housebound for 1-2 days while we dug out.

For me, this past week, it’s different. I’ve been on forced house arrest because Martha, my mom vehicle, has been in the shop. Nothing dire is wrong with her. It’s the service department she’s with that has the massive problems. They are slow. They some up with something wrong every day (no worries, I don’t have to pay for it), and they give me the run around every time they call. They’ve had the car longer than I have. I just bought her, for Christ’s sake!



That means me and Cutie Pie are stuck at home, looking for things to occupy us. We stare at the same walls every day. Pace the same hallway. Open the same back door to look outside. Eat the same food.

This might be the cabin fever speaking, but if the service department doesn’t get my car back to me today, I might end up suicidal. Staying home is hard enough with a new baby – you only have limited places to go. But when ALL your options are taken away from you, it feels like a prison. Thank goodness she’s good company.


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