Knitting and crocheting have long been one of my favorite hobbies. I love how the craft makes me feel connected to fiber artists long gone, centuries long lived and tradition within a culture and family. There’s something very grounding and wholesome about working with your hands, working a project (frogging and re-stitching the same row three times) and creating something whole and loved at the end. This is what working with a hook or needles does for me. It’s why I started a business a couple years ago dedicated to the fiber arts.



I’ve created a new line of afghans that I’m called “collections,” because you have to buy three afghans at one time. These are small or baby-sized afghans that I’m working on now. All three will have the same pattern and be titled based on their color scheme. This one that’s I’m working on now is part of the Tidal Collection because the colors remind me of the sea and the beach. They will make an excellent gift for someone and their baby!


Scout is less than thrilled with my crafting time. She sleeps when she gets bored watching me – although I can’t WAIT to teach her to crochet! Then it can be something she does with Mommy every day! Someday she’ll be even better than me at this – and I can’t wait to see what she creates. This is all assuming she likes the fiber arts and I’m not projecting some deep-seeded parental ambition onto her. Ha!!! I’m going to try and contain my need for her creativity!


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