Lucky Gal

This week is St. Patrick’s Day. In the past, St. Patrick’s Day had always been fun (and only a few occasions, too fun). I’d never been a mom before this year. I grew up in a very Irish Catholic environment. Boston is known for having the most incredible, crazy, fun St. Patty’s Day in America – and yes, I’ve participated there, too. But this year it’s quite different. This year I’ll most likely get a book about St. Patrick, read it to my daughter all day long until she’s bored to death of hearing me voice, and go to bed as soon as my head hits the pillow because I’m exhausted. I’m not complaining. I’m not much of a drinker, I don’t love partying, and being home with my family sounds better than any other option. I’m a lucky gal.




My own little Irish (barely) girl keeps me more than occupied – even on fun “drinking” holidays. Plus, what with breast feeding and everything, I can forget alcohol!

I actually really like Mondays (I know for most people Mondays are the Devil). But Mondays always feel like fresh starts to me. Which is good weight-wise, because I cheated the shit out of the weekend, and probably gained 5 lbs just eating cornbread alone. So yay for fresh Monday starts! My run today was AMAZING. I was faster than usual, ran a really healthy distance and felt really strong this morning. With that said…. Fuck you, Daylight Savings. Starting my run in the dark wasn’t exactly in the plans. But in order to get my workout in every day, I need to go before everyone in the house gets up.



On another great note, I’ve finished my immediate custom orders for my business, and I get to work on a few of my own projects… at least for a couple weeks. I’ve been buying yarn at an alarming rate (c’mon, if you’re a crafter, you know about this yarn-buying dilemma). Food? Or yarn? Or electric bill? Or yarn?

Hopefully I’ll be able to show you some of my collections as soon as I get a good head start!


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