Most nights with out peanut are great. She’s a good sleeper (always has been) and generally I’m only up once (at most, twice) a night to feed her, change her diaper, and then she falls back into her blissful coma. I should note here that whenever I find the person who came up with, “Sleeps like a baby,” I’m getting a posse together to destroy them. Last night she did NOT sleep very well, my boobs kept aching because she wouldn’t eat, and her nose was stuffy – which left Mommy to lay in bed, peeking over into the bassinet every 20 minutes to make sure she could breathe through her mouth, and generally rock her, comfort her, whisper to her and walk her around when needed.

And today my house suffers for it.



Theodore and Mia seem unaffected. He’s guard dogging the back door for intruders (aka squirrels that get too close to the house and birds that dare land in our yard), and Mia just paces back and forth waiting for to me to serve her a treat. Blasted spoiled pets.

And then Scout…. oh. Well. NOW she sleeps.


Maybe at some point today once I clean up the kitchen, take the dishes out of the washer, fold laundry and make the bed – and SHOWER (can’t forget that, Jesus, I stink) – I can get a few minutes of shut-eye in before her Daddy gets home.

It’s given me time to work on some of my projects though. Stuff I can do right on the couch without moving too far away from my ball and chain baby (I really do love her). I can hear her farting from my desk…. so that means in about 5 minutes I need to change a very scary diaper. Yay for weekends! Restful!!! And then I laughed and laughed and laughed…



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