Play Time

Today Mommy & Scout are stuck without a car (I love Martha, my new Mom Car, but the Bluetooth isn’t working, and I’ll be damned if I continue making payments on a car that isn’t 100% working). So today is all about play time, arts & crafts (ok, that’s mostly me), reading books, singing songs (I swear to Jesus I make up songs about everything) and thinking about my healthy eating through the weekend (weekends are always my biggest challenge).

Scout is working on so many skills right now, it’s crazy to see her develop. As adorable as she way, I much prefer her at 10 weeks old than I did as a wee newborn. I’m loving this smiling and laughing thing that’s been going on! The way her eyes crinkle makes me melt into a puddle of love. And I adore watching her play on her play pad – the way she kicks her feet like a tiny ninja and punches the air like a teeny white Tyson.



Although I’ve been feeling isolated the past couple months, I also enjoy my time at home with her. Watching her grow, learn and talk are some of the sweetest moments of my life.


Tomorrow we can go on adventures again, maybe try a new place to take a walk or shop. Her curiosity is fun to experience alongside her! I wonder what tomorrow will bring for my sweet baby.


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