Full of Sugar

I may have a slight obsession. Let’s just say I can’t go grocery shopping at Walmart without coming home with less than three outfits for my daughter. Thank you, Walmart, for selling cute outfits for $2.00 a pop. Without you, I’d be living off Ramen Noodles and Kraft Mac & Cheese.

And of course, in addition to having a baby outfit addiction, I also have to torture her while I force numerous outfit changes on her a day. How can one adequately show off their baby without the perfect outfit!?

My poor child. She’s abused. In a rich-kid sort of way.



A friend of mine posted on Facebook just this morning that she can’t afford a new wardrobe, so she’s going on a diet (aka “adulting”). And it’s true… I can’t afford a pair of $70 mom jeans, but you can be damn sure I’ll be buying designer diapers, useless cute socks that she loses daily and books she can’t yet read. My daughter is currently lounging around in style, and I’m still in my old ugly-ass maternity jeans because I can’t fit in my former size 1 jeans sitting in my closet.

And you can be darn sure they’ll be sitting there for some time. Maybe forever. I’m not yet ready to give up on the fact that my body is forever changed and will NEVER again be able to fit into size one teeny-bopper jeans I bought at Abercrombie 10 years ago. Nope. I’ll be rocking these maternity jeans until my new mom hips can fit into a size 4, then a size 2. That’s my goal. I’m around a 6 right now thanks to the house that Scout built.

Meanwhile, she’ll look adorable in her “Full of Sugar” onsie I bought her, courtesy of Walmart. Yay for outfit change Sundays!


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