Casa Voyles

It’s supposed to rain in Houston every day for the next week. This means long days of snuggling, napping and finding things to do around the house (Casa Voyles is in need of a deep clean). Scout’s daddy bought an anvil today because he’s working on creating a blacksmith’s…. smithy? That sounded redundant. All afternoon he’s been out working on molding the anvil into his perfect blacksmith’s tool.

Scout and I hunkered down, watched the rain, had deep conversations that consisted mostly of vowels, watched Property Brothers (how stupid are these buyers!??!) and crocheted. Scout also needed a bath, which resulted in an epic meltdown (who’s only origin I can conclude came from being cold fresh out of the bath and absolutely abhorring having lotion gently massaged into her body). She promptly nursed and fell asleep – apparently I have magic boobs.



I started out fantastically with my diet this morning. I had 70 calorie yogurt (which just made me hungrier) and went for a killer run. My FitBit even told me I kicked ass with my “peak fat burning” heart rate. And then Chris (Scout’s daddy) was like, “Let’s go to lunch! I’m starving!” EAT BREAKFAST MOTHERF****ER!!!!! This is exactly what’s contributing to my expanding waist line – people who want to go out to eat. What am I supposed to do at a Mexican restaurant? Bring a PB&J? Yeah. I did that. Last week. It was embarrassing.

So today I made a NEW pact with myself —- keep up the amazaballs workouts, and stop going out to eat. And if I DO go out to eat, stick with low calorie, veggie-heavy meals. Gawd. I miss being 10 years younger. At 26 I could eat two breakfasts, a pizza for lunch (yep, a whole one – I can feel you judging me) and usually I ate two bowls of sugary cereal or pasta with butter for dinner. I’m not even going to mention the obscene amounts of chocolate I consumed.

Alright 36, I’m over you. I’m bringing back 26!!!!


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