The Zoo

If there’s anything that going to the zoo teaches me, it’s that I only want one kid. Seeing a mom (who was about 5 months pregnant) haul around 3 other kids all under the age of 6 cured me of any potential baby fever I had. Her frustration level was at about 4,000% and to be honest – she didn’t look like she was having fun in any way. Her hair was a mess, her outfit was a modified set of PJs designed to look like a casual day outfit, she had chocolate ice cream dripping down her arm and she was yelling at the other children to, “Come here!”

I’m sure having all of those kids is very rewarding. I’m sure of it. About 85% sure of it. It’s at least amazing to create so many tiny humans. Okay, I think it’s stupid. Why would anyone purposely stress themselves to that level? I love my daughter. I know for a fact that I would love any other child that graced our lives. That’s the Catch 22. You are automatically programmed to love any tiny human you create…. sooooo….. you just have to try really hard not to create too many. Cuz then you’re stuck. You can’t pop ’em out and them give them away when you realize you’ve hit your child threshold.

And THANK GOD I have help! This man is the best daddy there is!




Scout and I would be pretty unhappy without him. And he love the zoo, too! We were lucky enough to have Daddy all to ourselves today. One of my favorite things is family time at the zoo. The outdoors, the animal poo smells, the colorful birds and sounds of elephants… all pretty magical in my book.


I even allowed a few pictures to be snapped of the baby and fat me. Shhhhh. I know what you’re about to say, but you’re just being obnoxiously nice. The truth is… I’ve gained weight. I can’t get rid of the baby weight even though I’ve been running for the past month. I’ve tried eating more healthy.

Tomorrow we go into survival mode and drop the number of calories I’m eating. This is going to require a tedious amount of calorie counting, frustrating hungry moments and basically all over bad-for-everyone mood swings. Sorry babe. In advance.



But today I’m just going to enjoy the afterglow of bringing my little monkey to see the real monkeys. The zoo always puts me in a good mood and I’m riding this wave into tomorrow until I start starving myself again.


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