I’ve had a variety of blogs for years. Blogs where I overshare, blogs that showcase my photography and crafting, blogs that tackled a specific topic designed to keep me focused and blogs targeting friends and family so they can keep in touch with me and get small glimpses into my life. But since having a baby I feel the need even more to blog and keep my family far away informed. And, of course, a place where my mom can actively stalk photographs of her granddaughter from 3500 miles away.

So while I’m at it, here, Mom:





Meanwhile, I’m sitting here, looking out the window at my new “Mom Vehicle.” Yesterday I said goodbye to my 2012 Jeep Wrangler, my companion, a black beauty I named Jenny when I first purchased her back in Connecticut. Jenny was my last connection to the Northeast, my sidekick as I drove back and forth several times across the country from New York & Connecticut to Texas. I’ve transported clothes, hefty possessions, a huge dog and two cats in that vehicle from one end of the country to the other. We visited big cities together: Atlanta, Boston, NYC, Nashville, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio. We’ve traveled to beaches all over the East Coast, threw her top off and enjoyed the sunshine in just about every eastern state. That was my “before baby” car. Now I have a gently used 2013 Ford Escape. While the SUV itself is nice to drive, solid and dependable, I’ll never feel the same as I did about Jenny. But at least now I can bring my daughter with me when we go antiquing (babies like that, right?) and take her out to lunch without having to borrow her daddy’s  car.

And I have to name her. Although we’re still getting to know each other, a spark of inspiration hit me when I was thinking about her purpose. She’s a Mom Vehicle now. I need to her to amazing. I want my SUV to see my child through her baby and toddler years. I want this SUV to entertain her, be our “home away from home,” house bags full of yarn from the store and haul 200 lbs of groceries from Sprouts. I’m naming her after a tough old bird that’s seen both good and bad times, but is still considered a widely respected homemaker. Martha. Yes. As is in Martha Stewart. Don’t judge me. It’s not nice.


So with Jenny gone and Martha taking up real estate in my driveway, I look towards my beautiful little girl (who is staring up at the ceiling rather intently) and think it’s all so very worth it. She’s slowly closing her eyes and beginning to fall asleep for a super short nap, and I wonder if she’s staring at angels, or dreaming of breast milk, or singing her ABCs because I’ve overloaded her with the alphabet over the past week.

I’ve finally found a real outlet where I can write about a little of everything. I’m through with specifying a reason for a blog. This is simply all about our little lives here in Houston, living the dream, struggling just like everyone else, enjoying life and creating an environment of love for our daughter. I’m off to take sleepy baby photos before she grows up. I hear it happens overnight. Best to get in as much as I can before she’s 16, wearing makeup and asking her daddy if she can go on a date.

Tonight I finally get to go out and enjoy myself a little without Scout and break bread with a co-worker. I’m hoping she’ll talk me into coming back to work sooner than I’ve planned! Otherwise I’ll be bothering y’all on here too often!


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